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WordPress & Google (PARTE 2)

After saving your settings, the page will refresh. You must grant permission before Google allows our plugin to use your Gmail API to send emails.

To do this, scroll to the bottom of the WP Mail SMTP settings page and click the button labeled Allow plugin to send emails using your Google account.

Authorize plugin to send emails with Gmail

This will open a login screen for Google. Go ahead and log in to the account you’re setting up SMTP with.

Next, you’ll see a screen asking for permission for this site to send emails on your behalf.

When you’re ready, click the Allow button to proceed.

Allowing your site to send emails from your Google account

Bypassing Google’s Verification Warning (Free Gmail Users Only)

You might see the following screen if you are connecting with a free Gmail account. Go ahead and click on the Advanced link in the bottom left corner.

Gmail OAuth warning

In the expanded section, click on Go to (unsafe). Don’t worry, Google only displays this warning because it hasn’t verified your app. There is no need to verify it since you created this app just for your own use.

Gmail OAuth show advanced

Then click on the Allow button as shown above.

Backup Connection

Setting up a Backup Connection is optional and isn’t required to complete your Google Workspace / Gmail mailer setup. However, to further improve email deliverability, we recommend configuring an additional connection to serve as a backup in case your Primary Connection fails.